About Ledwaba

Ledwaba funeral parlour.cc was established by Mr Elias Ledwaba in 1987. He had a vision of of creating a business with quality relationships and impeccable service. Where quality knows no boundaries and success is measured by a clients immense satisfaction of the outcome. He is the pioneer that steered the route that the undertaking industry has taken.Today he runs his business with his Wife and Sons and its success is measured in his humbleness and humility. These principles are characterised in his leadership style of which he leads this company to even greater heights.
Mission statetment:

Our business is known for quality relationships which are honest, ethical and caring. We are leaders in services that provide recognizably superior customer satisfaction. our work life is exciting, challenging and rewarding in a friendly atmosphere of teamwork and mutual respect. We are socially responsible and strive for the betterment of society
Vision statement:

Our is our corporate conscience and helps us to eliminate short term thinking. We're carrying on a legend. We will be standard by which other businesses measure their performances. Our values are the rules by which we operate. our approach in the services we render will always be different to our customers.
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